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Welcome to North County Youth Soccer
Thank you for visiting the North County Youth Soccer Association.  Information is being added to our website all the time.  Check back often for new and exciting soccer news, events, and NCYSA information.

District/Region 1 2018 WYS Recreational Cup Champions & Finalists:

  • U12G NCYSA Sno-King Rapids FC CHAMPIONS
  • U14B NCYSA Silver Lake Blueberries Finalists
  • U15B SYSA Woodland Cougars CHAMPIONS
  • U16B NCYSA Terrace-Brier Dragons Finalists
  • U17B NCYSA Mukilteo Warriors FC Finalists
  • U19G SnYSA Snohomish Force FC CHAMPIONS

Congratulations to all District 1 teams advancing to 2018 WYS Rec. Cup Semi-Finals:

  • U11B NCYSA Mukilteo Mustachio FC
  • U11G NCYSA Everett Blue Panthers
  • U12G NCYSA Sno-King Rapids FC
  • U13G NCYSA Granite Falls Yellow Jackets
  • U14B SYSA LVR Strikers
  • U14B NCYSA Silver Lake Blueberries
  • U14G NCYSA Lake Stevens Wolves
  • U15B SYSA Woodland Cougars
  • U16B NCYSA Terrace-Brier Dragons
  • U16G NCYSA Irish Bandits
  • U17B NCYSA Mukilteo Warriors FC
  • U19G SnYSA Snohomish Force FC

Game schedules for Dec. 8, 9 at Starfire CLICK HERE


2018 President’s Cup

  • Champions - U14B NCYSA Irish Blackhawks Coach Mario Machuca Champions
  • Finalists – U10B NCYSA Washington Rush Coach Andy Machin
  • Finalists – U09B NCYSA Washington Rush Coach Jacob Sagure
  • Champions – U14G NCYSA Washington Rush, Coach Sean Connors (will be representing WYS at Far West Regionals, Salt Lake City, Utah)

2018 Championship Cup

  • Finalists – U15B NCYSA Washington Rush, Coach Ben Somoza (will be representing WYS at Far West Regionals, Honolulu, Hawaii)
  • Champions – U17B NCYSA Washington Rush, Coach Andy Machin (will be representing WYS at Far West Regionals, Honolulu, Hawaii)

USYS Far West Regional League Champions

  • U18G NCYSA Washington Rush (will be representing WYS at Far West Regionals, Honolulu, Hawaii)

NCYSA Referee Use Only Misconduct Reports
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Field Reminder Notice
Kasch Park is a multi-purpose field complex with a SYNTHETIC SURFACE and require special use regulations for your enjoyment, health, safety, and maintenance.  Failure to follow posted regulations will result in suspension of user privileges and possible citation and fines.  Park Rangers enforce all park regulations. For more information call 425-257-8290.

  • Absolutely NO food, gum, sunflower seeds or shelled nuts on the fields

  • Pets prohibited in all field areas

  • Leashed pets permitted in park but not on ANY field surface or the Cloverleaf.

  • Garbage can will be on the outside perimeter of the fields. Please take all of your garbage and bottles with you when your game is over.

  • Please stay off the landscaping as it is not completed yet

  • Schedules will be on the Kiosk between field 1 and Field 2 (they will not be on the window of the office)

  • Alcohol / Drugs prohibited in all park areas

  • Tobacco products not allowed on fields

  • Metal cleats or spikes are prohibited

  • Please be respectful of this park

If we all take care of this park it will be here a long time for all of our enjoyment.

Thank You

Jeff Hosking - 2016 FIFA Assistant Referee

Congratulations to Washington State's (NCYSA) Jeff Hosking for his just announced appointment as a 2016 FIFA Assistant Referee!

Snohomish TOPSoccer Video
US Youth Soccer features Snohomish TOPSoccer on the US Youth Soccer Show. View the video here.

Which Age Group? Age Chart 2018-2019
Due to recent mandates by US Soccer, soccer clubs in the US are switching to birth year to determine what age group a player plays in. For instance a player born in the year 2003 will play in the U16 age group for the 2018-2019 season.

Also note that the format “U followed by age” really means that age and younger. For example, U8 should be read as 8 and younger.

Use this chart to determine the appropriate age group for your player for the 2018-2019 season:

Birth Year Age Group
2014 U-05
2013 U-06
2012 U-07
2011 U-08
2010 U-09
2009 U-10
2008 U-11
2007 U-12
2006 U-13
2005 U-14
2004 U-15
2003 U-16
2002 U-17
2001 U-18
2000 U-19

For further questions please contact your club registrar.

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